Why eSpectacularKids?

eSpectacularKids brings the theatre into children's lives. Thanks to its digital format, it allows them to overcome geographical, economic and time related barriers.

What is eSpectacularKids?

eSpectacularKids is the first online video library of children's shows. We give easy access to the world of performing arts to children, with a variety of storytelling, magic and theatre. Future videos will include more forms of entertainment such as puppets shows, music, dance, circus, etc.

  • Imagination and Creativity

    Imitation is one of the bases of learning. Nothing is better for children than imitating art. They get inspired and reflect it into their everyday lives.

  • Communication Skills

    Curiosity encourages active listening: our videos, interpreted by professional artists, create a vehicle for improving expressive skills, vocabulary, non-verbal communication, intonation and pronunciation.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    A great part of children´s motivation lies in their emotions, thoughts and feelings: the shows made by our professional artists stimulate such emotions leading to children´s learning.

  • Learning Languages

    Combining art and videos is a fun and effective way to foster language learning and the correct pronunciation. It is amazing how easy it is to take advantage of children's natural propensity to learn!